Every year, many young Nigerian migrants embark on treacherous journeys as they leave their country searching for a better future abroad. Migrants travelling via irregular routes face risks such as trafficking in persons (TiP), extortion, physical abuse, torture, forced labour, rape and even death. Between 2017 and 2020, more than 159,000 individuals from West and Central Africa arrived irregularly to the southern borders of Europe by sea and land. Nigeria counts as one of the countries with the highest number of such victims. Since 2017 IOM Nigeria has received 22,500 returnees from 20 countries, of which 2,302 were Victims of Trafficking (VoTs).

Despite significant efforts by the Federal Government of Nigeria, intergovernmental organisations and civil society to protect victims from these risks, still today, many migrants fall prey to traffickers and smugglers due to a lack of information about safe alternatives to irregular migration. Trusted and accurate information, knowledge sharing and awareness-raising are powerful tools to help potential migrants make informed and life-saving decisions.

Media have an influential role in shaping public opinion about migration as Nigeria continues to be a country of origin, transit, and destination of migrants. Nonetheless, fake news, misinformation and stigmatisation have been witnessed before and during the pandemic, making the role of evidence-based journalism even more essential.

The EU-IOM Joint Initiative for Migrant Protection and Reintegration is organising a reporting migration competition in West and Central African countries to foster quality reporting on reintegration and protection of migrants. Nigeria is participating in this competition.

This initiative is based on a “solutions journalism” approach, which aims at identifying and responding to key social issues. The goal of this journalistic approach is to:

  • Tell migration stories in a balanced and ethical way.
  • Share accurate information to help communities and families to support migrants in making informed migration choices.
  • Share fair stories that can contribute to upholding the dignity of migrants worldwide.

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      Competition Overview

      To participate in this competition, journalists are invited to submit their published print, online or broadcast items (radio or video) on the below thematic areas:

      • Irregular migration, return and reintegration
      • Migrant protection
      • Migrants with vulnerabilities 

      Journalists will compete for a share of USD 6,000. The cash prize will be distributed as follows: 

      • Print
      • 1st Place: USD 800
      • 2nd Place: USD 500
      • 3rd Place: USD 300
      • Radio
      • 1st Place: USD 800
      • 2nd Place: USD 500
      • 3rd Place: USD 300
      • Television
      • 1st Place: USD 800
      • 2nd Place: USD 500
      • 3rd Place: USD 300
      • Online
      • 1st Place: USD 800
      • 2nd Place: USD 500
      • 3rd Place: USD 300

      The winning submissions will also have their pieces republished on a media partner’s platform.

      Journalists who meet the following eligibility criteria are invited to submit their published pieces by Friday, 6 May 2022, to

      Submission criteria

       The winning submissions will be selected by a jury made up of IOM experts and partners. The articles will be judged on the following criteria:

      • The articles or reports should have been published or aired on a TV outlet between July 2021  March 2022
      • Submitted content should have been published in English by a media outlet during the competition period
      • Focuses on one of the thematic areas listed above
      • Articles should not exceed 5,000 characters
      • Video or audio/radio reports should not exceed 30 minutes

      Participants must be:

      • 18 years old or above
      • Nationals or resident of Nigeria

      Journalists who meet the following eligibility criteria are invited to submit their published pieces by Friday, 6 May 2022, to

      Fill your personal details and those of your story in the entry form here:

      For any questions/clarifications, please email

      Competition rules

      1. ..Entry into the competition is free.
      2. Participants must be 18 years old and older at the time the entry was published.
      3. Only nationals from Nigeria can participate.
      4. The competition is open to journalists from all media houses or freelance professionals.
      5. Entries must have a thematic focus on any of three above-mentioned areas.
      6. Entries must have a geographic focus on Nigeria.
      7. Prior to submission, an entry must be published or broadcast through a media outlet (in print, online, or on air). The articles or reports must have been published or aired on the media outlet between July 2021 and February 2022.
      8. Articles should not exceed 5,000 characters
      9. Video or audio/radio reports should not exceed 30 minutes
      10. The articles of reports must be in English.
      11. Only entries in which the applicant is the primary author or the co-author of the submitted piece will be accepted.
        • Multiple entries are acceptable. However, each submission must be submitted online separately.
      12. Entries must meet journalistic principles and basic requirements, strictly adhering to professional ethics and standards.
        • Entries must be an original body of work without alterations.


      A jury of experienced judges will review the submissions, evaluating the journalist’s storytelling; their ability to tell migration stories and to create positive a impact on their communities. The jury will include:

      1. Representative from the Government of Nigeria
      2. Representative of the European Union Delegation
      3. Representative from Academia
      4. Two representative of the International Organization for Migration
      5. Two media representatives

        Terms and Conditions on Awarding of Prizes

        • The work meets the Competition Rules described in this call for applications.
        • If selected as a winner, you agree to receive the corresponding cash prize stipulated above.
        • If the entry has more than one author, only the applicant who made the submission will be eligible to receive the prize.
        • IOM reserves the right to verify the veracity and authenticity of the published journalistic work with the relevant media source.
        • IOM reserves the right to extend the submission date or cancel the competition if an insufficient number of works are received.
        • IOM reserves the right to give special mention to as many works as the selection committee finds merit the mention.
        • In the case that submissions do not meet the evaluation criteria requested, IOM reserves the right to eliminate one or various of the potential prizes. 
        • In case of being selected as a winner, you authorize IOM to disseminate and promote the journalistic works submitted (for no profit to the organization) to meet the objectives of the Prize described in this call for applications.





        Launch and promotion of competition

        April 2022

        Receipt of submissions

        6 April – 6 May 2022 

        Jury finalizes winning submissions

        June 2022

        Awarding ceremony in Abuja

        End of July 2022 

        Media Partners:

        Competition funded and/or implemented by:



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